Anthony Rope & Elizabeth Pulley
~ Farmers ~

Upon arrival of the First Fleet, all the convicts were put to work in various jobs necessary to build shelter and feed all the people. Anthony was sent to work in the brickfields, which were located near what is now Central Station in Sydney. In Anthony's small amount of spare time he built a hut for himself and this was finished by May 1788. Elizabeth would have been put to work sewing, cleaning, washing and cooking.

Anthony and Elizabeth met when the women of the Fleet were set down at Sydney Cove. They were married on 19th May 1788 by the Reverend Richard Johnson. Their son Robert was one of the first children conceived and born in the settlement.

Anthony was given a grant of land at The Ponds (this is now part of Dundas) , this had to be sold to repay debt. Farming was very harsh and the settlers were constantly deluged by floods and ravaged by fires and droughts.
The family moved to various farms out in the west of Sydney as they looked for land that would safely grow crops. It should be noted that although the farms were granted to the owners, Anthony was the first settler at all of the farms he moved to, so he first had to clear the land before he could put crops in. He also had to build the family home every time they moved.
Anthony did extra jobs to make money along the way. He was employed to build a dwelling for the workers on Elizabeth King's farm Dunheved in 1807.

The Rope Residences included:
  1. Rope's Farm at The Ponds (now Dundas)
  2. A Farm at Toongabbie (near Parramatta)
  3. Tumbledown Barn at Mulgrave Place (now Riverstone, near Windsor)
  4. Badgery's Farm on the Nepean River near Richmond
  5. Jordan Hill in what is now Llandilo, on the west bank of South Creek. The stretch of land leading to his leasehold was known as 'Rope's Paddock' for many years. The suburb 'Ropes Crossing' has been named after him as it lies near where the family farmed at Jordan Hill.
Note: research into their residences is still ongoing.

Elizabeth Pulley died on 9th August 1837 aged 75 years (note her stone reads 80 years), her husband Anthony Rope died on 20th April 1843 aged 88 years (note his stone reads 89 years). Anthony and Elizabeth are buried with extended family members and friends in Castlereagh Anglican Cemetery.

Rope Plot