Anthony Rope & Elizabeth Pulley
~ First Fleet Convicts ~


Anthony was baptised on 1st August 1755, at St Marys, Norton Subcourse, Norfolk, England.
He was illiterate and a labourer. Anthony came from a family of Carpenters and Brickmakers, handy skills which he brought with him to Sydney Cove.
Anthony Rope FFF Plaque
Tried at Chelmsford on 10 March 1785 he was found guilty of stealing clothing and coin to the value of 35 shillings from Robert Gosling and Robert Bradley; he was sentenced to transportation for 7 years. Anthony came to Australia in the First Fleet, he was on the Alexander. The First Fleet set sail on 13th May 1787, it took approximately 8 months to reach the east coast of Australia.

Detailed description of the items Anthony stole :
Two printed cotton gowns of the value of twenty shillings, one Petticoat made of silk and worsted of the value of five shillings, one silk neck handkerchief of the value of eighteen pence, one pair of womens leather shoes of the value of one shilling, one pair of metal buckles plated with silver of the value of six pence one mans hat of the value of five shillings, one pair of mens leather shoes of the valve of two shillings, one pair of other mens shoe buckles plated with silver of the value of one shilling, and one hempen sack of the value of sixpence of the goods and chattels of the said Robert Gosling; and one pair of others mens leather shoes of the value of five shillings, one pair of other metal buckles plated with silver of the value of three shillings, one cotton waist coat of the value of two shillings, one linen shirt of the value of sixpence, silk handkerchiefs of the value of two shillings, one piece of silver coin of the proper coin of this realm called a half crown of the value of two shillings and six pence, and one piece of proper silver coin of this realm called a shilling of the goods and monies of Robert Bradley in the same dwelling house.


Elizabeth was born in Felthorpe, Norfolk, England and was baptized on 21 Feb 1762 at St Margarets in Felthorpe. Her parents were Tobias and Alice Pully. She was orphaned at the age of 6.
Elizabeth was charged several times for theft during her teenage years. In March 1783 she was tried at Thetford Assizes and convicted of stealing a large quantity of food and material (worsted) from the shop of Mrs Elizabeth Minns of Hethersett; she was sentenced to death by hanging. This was reprieved and Elizabeth was later transported.
Elizabeth Pulley FFF Plaque
Elizabeth came to Australia in the First Fleet, she was on the Friendship along with 20 other female convicts. Elizabeth suffered dreadfully, as she was in irons for 72 days of the 93 days from 13 May till 13 August 1787. The ship travelled in extremely hot weather and it was lice-ridden, so her conditions were very uncomfortable. Thankfully, when the Fleet reached Cape Town (South Africa), she was transferred to the Prince of Wales ship with other female convicts. This was to make room for animals and other supplies to be taken on board the Friendship.
An interesting side note to Elizabeth's story is that her younger brother, Tobias Jnr. married Martha Lavender before he died in 1802 in Norwich. Tobias and Martha had one son, William Pulley.This young William got into trouble and was also transported as a convict in 1822 on the Asia.

Elizabeth's Crimes :

Trial DateCrimeSentence
17 July 1779Stole clothingTried and Acquitted
19 Feb 1780Disorderly1 day
15 July 1780Stole divers goods from the house of John Coulsey’s father at unknown place.Sentenced to 3 weeks in Wymondham Bridewell, then a public whipping in the Wymondham market.
11 August 1781Stole from Samuel Piglething, Weaver of Hethersett:-
1 old cloth cloak; 1 silk handkerchief; 1 coloured apron; 3 pence halfpenny; various other articles; Value 3 shillings
Hard labour for 12 months at Aylsham Bridewell
14 March 1783Stole from shop of Elizabeth Minns (widow) of Hethersett on 24 Dec 1782 :-
10lbs cheese 3/-; 3lbs bacon 1/6; 24ozs butter 12d(1/-); 3lbs raisins 12d; 7lbs flour 1/-; 2 rolls worsted 12d
Death - later reprieved and transported

Note: most of the Trial Dates are taken from the newspaper reports so they may be out by a few days.