Rope Pulley Family Trees

Family Tree Reports have been prepared using our extensive database. This database has been researched by our members, there may be missing lines where we have had no researcher.

The Trees have been prepared only showing the first 5 generations. This for the most part excludes generations of living members. If there are living members in that last generation, their details have been suppressed and replaced by the name LIVING.

As the database is extensive, there are possibly still descendants shown as LIVING who have passed on. Where you see such errors, then please contact the website administrator.

We are working on a consolidated tree for the whole family.
In the meantime, the individual lines for the children of Anthony & Elizabeth can still be found here:-

Mary Rope & Thomas Hobby
Mary Rope & John Ryan
John Rope & Maria Field
Sarah & Thomas Frost
Susannah & John Bradley
Elizabeth Ann & William Jones
Elizabeth Ann & Thomas Player
Elizabeth Ann & Edward Sullivan

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